Download AquaShell

AquaShell is available for Windows 7/10/11 64-Bit.

Download version 1.0

Installation instructions

  • Download the ZIP archive and extract it to a location of your choice
  • Run dnyAquaShell.exe add_path -u to add the directory of the shell to your PATH variable
  • The Shell is now available via aquashell [args]
  • Visit the documentation to see how to create scripts

Other downloads

AquaShell Plugin SDK
Use the C++ SDK to create your own native plugins.
AquaShell sourcecode
Get the sourcecode from GitHub. If you want you can also contribute to the project.
VS Code Extension
Syntax highlighting for Visual Studio Code.
Notepad++ language definition
Syntax highlighting definition file for Notepad++.
Use the core scripting system in your own product.