AquaShell Scripting & Automation Shell

Automate tasks on Windows or develop complex scripted applications

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Welcome to AquaShell

AquaShell is an easy-to-use Windows scripting and automation system. It integrates well with Windows and allows your to both create automation tasks as well as complex scripting applications. The product features a plugin system, so the shell can be extended with more commands. Of course there are standard plugins provided already. The syntax is inspired by C++, PHP, Tcl and PowerShell. It is easy to learn in order to quickly start developing your scripts.

AquaShell is opensourced software released under the MIT license. This ensures full transparency and allows you to contribute. We welcome you to provide feedback and report bugs as well as create your own plugins to enhance the shell functionality. If you need help with creating scripts, feel free to create an issue on GitHub.

Create Complex scripts


Make Automations


Develop Applications


Bring back the fun of Windows shell scripting

AquaShell provides features that enrich your shell scripting experience

 Interactive Commandline
 Integration with Windows
 Fast Windows automation
 Complex scripted applications
 OpenSource project
 Plugin interface
 Many pre-configured plugins
 Internal/external Cmds
 VS Code & Npp integration
 Maintained since 2017

Your support is greatly appreciated

Your support helps to continue working on the project and providing the required infrastructure.

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